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FREEMIUM Business Matching App driven by a novel 30-second pitch video and AI matching algorithms.

  • For Businesses: Corporates, C-Level Executives, Sales Reps, Job Seekers, Recruiters
  • For Entrepreneurs: SMEs, Business Opportunity Seekers, Mentors, Coaches 
  • For Individuals: Job Seekers, Networkers, and anyone seeking or offering Human Capital
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Make new connections easily 

We are changing the way the whole world connects for business!

Driven by video and powered by AI, our business matching app will connect you with the people you're looking for, their skills matched to your specific requirements. We'll deliver a selection of perfect matches, and all you need to do is watch their 30 second pitch and decide if they are the right fit.

whoever you are

quollify will save you time

Whether you want to find a new job, recruit a new employee, find a local tradesperson or accountant, or look for investors with the right background to help your business – where it used to take you hours, if not days, you can do that in a matter of seconds with Quollify!

  • Driven by video content, users generate 30-second elevator pitch videos.
  • Profiles and content are matched to the specific search requirements of viewers.
  • Content is algorithmically matched, using advanced and intelligent data sets, leveraging powerful AI technology.
  • Matches are delivered in a highly relevant shortlist, where you can choose to watch their videos, view their profile, or connect directly.
  • And the best bit is that there's no need for constant posting on social media!  You can connect with the right people through just 1 video and a persuasive profile.
Quollify App

AI powered. smart. intuitive.

Quollify App

Discover the power of Quollify

Curious about how our app can streamline the way you find people for business? Dive into our brief demo video to understand the innovative features that we are working on, and that will make Quollify a game-changer! 

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