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Benefits for Quollify App Early Adopters

We are launching Ron G Holland’s Quollify Mastermind Group Program very soon. This is a community of Entrepreneurs, Business Opportunity Seekers, Recruiters, Job Seekers and Co-founders committed to learning and growing.

Early adopters get the whole Quollify Mastermind Group training, access to exclusive Quollify Facebook group and other resources FREE, when it is launched. It is highly likely to be a paid program costing hundreds of dollars when the app is launched.

More benefits of Joining Quollify early adopters today:

* Free Access to Success and Wealth training
* Free Access to Members only Private Facebook Group
* Opportunity to Form your own mastermind Group
* Connect with potential clients & service providers for free
* Other benefits which are made available from time to time

Enrol today and get a FREE copy of Ron G Holland’s bestselling book Turbo Success.

Turbo Success
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Qualified Matches Fast!

FREEMIUM Matching App driven by a novel 30-second pitch video and AI matching algorithms.

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    For Businesses: Corporates, C-Level Executives, Job Seekers, Recruiters

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    For Entrepreneurs: SMEs, Business Opportunity Seekers, Sales Reps, Job Seekers, Mentors, Coaches, Business Angels, Co-Founders

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    For Others: In short, anybody seeking or offering Human Capital

  • Quollify App

    A platform that is streamlined, intuitive to use and which, thanks to powerhouse, state-of-the-art algorithms, delivers tailored matches fast.

    - Yorkshire Post

    Quollify has the real potential to become an international, multi-billion pound sensation

    - The Scotsman

    With a worldwide market of entrepreneurs, corporates, and company owners crying out for a better way to connect, Quollify looks set to be a match made in heaven.

    - The Star

    Quollify App

    What will the Quollify app do?

    Delivering intelligence-based Qualified matches & leads:

  • Initially driven by video content, users generate 30-second elevator pitch videos.

  • Profiles and content are matched to the specific requirements of viewers.

  • Content will be algorithmically matched, using advanced and intelligent data sets, leveraging AI technology.

  • Matches are delivered as a set of highly relevant shortlists.

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    AI Powered. Smart Match. Intuitive.

    Quollify App
    Quollify App
    Quollify App

    Launching Soon.


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